Matt Shepsky Wins CPC Main Event ($195,367 Plus New BMW), Eddie Blumenthal 2nd ($185,366)!



The heads-up match is over. Several hands after making a deal, Matt Shepsky and Eddie Blumenthal both put 300,000 into the pot preflop and the flop came 9s-5c-2c. Shepsky checked from the big blind and Blumenthal bet 300,000. Shepsky check-raised to 875,000 and after a long pause, Blumenthal called.

The turn was the 8s and Shepsky led 1.3 million. Blumenthal moved all in with Shepsky covered and after some hesitation, Shepsky called with his big draw.

Blumenthal: 2s-2d
Shepsky: Ac-4c

Blumenthal was ahead with his set of deuces but Shepsky could win with a non-board pairing club or a three. The 8s turn was a blank, but the 6c on the river gave Shepsky the flush to double through.

That hand left Blumenthal with just 1,650,000 and he shoved it soon after with Ad-4c. Shepsky snap-called with Ac-Tc. When the board came Kc-Kh-Js-Jd, it looked like a chop and Blumenthal said, “yes!”

Then the Qh fell on the river out of nowhere to give Shepsky Broadway for the win. Shepsky gets $195,367 for his CPC Main Event win, along with a beautiful new BMW.

Eddie Blumenthal walks away with $185,366 as a result of their chop deal that they made when they were close to even in chips.

A hard-fought battle – congrats to both! A full recap will be posted in a bit.


CPC Runner-Up Eddie Blumenthal

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Author: Ralph Morgan